Responsible Investing

Alpha Responsible Investing

Alpha became a signatory to the united Nations' Principles for Responsible Investment
( UN PRI ) in November 2011

At Alpha, we want to make a positive impact on the world around us through our investments. Responsible investment is a central tenet to the success of our portfolio companies and as a consequence, to the value we create for investors. Working together with the management teams we face the challenges of the future such as limited resources, climate change and regulatory change.

Our principles of responsible investing are applied throughout the investment process, from the identification of potential deals to their exits:

  • In the pre-investment phase, we perform full ESG diligence.
  • The result is documented with recommendations defining any remedial measures required, identifying opportunites to create value or red-flags which would prevent Alpha pursuing the deal further.
  • If the deal is pursued, Alpha works with the management to remediate the risks outlined in the diligence, implement the value creation actions as well as establish targets to measure progress.
  • Alpha report those progresses annually to its investors and to its stakeholders thereby holding itself and its portfolio companies accountable.

Responsible investment has become a fundamental part of an Alpha deal.

You can find our ESG Policy HERE